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Deck Construction

Deck Construction

Total Waterproofing Inc is your one-stop-shop for anything you need for your outdoor living space including deck construction!

When it comes to deck construction, we can handle everything from the deck foundation to the aluminum or glass roof, and everything in between.

We offer all types of deck construction services from extending your existing deck, fully repairing and updating the one you currently have, or just repairing a section of the structure. We are professionals in the waterproofing industry and have been successfully building decks for more than two decades. If repairs are needed, we will also help you figure out why you had the problem in the first place so the issue will not come back in the future.

High-quality decks for any project’s requirement

For all projects, Total Waterproofing guarantees that all work will be done in compliance with the BC Building Code. Total Waterproofing will stand 100% behind any jobs we take on from building a new deck to repairing an existing one. The materials we use for waterproofing decks and railings have all passed the BC Building Code. Total Waterproofing is a company that likes to discuss the project in detail before the contract is even signed. And if any changes are needed, we inform the owner or Project Manager to get their approval. We do our best to let you know everything upfront so you don’t have surprises at the end of the job.

Let the Total Waterproofing team help with your goals for your outdoor living space this year.

Get in touch with a professional deck contractor

Sit on your deck and enjoy the beautiful summer in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland and be happy you had it completed before the rainy season comes! No matter your situation, you are in good hands as our team will provide you with the best solution on deck construction and guarantee it so you don’t have to worry about your deck for many years.