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Vinyl Deck

Vinyl Deck

For a vinyl deck, total waterproofing uses lots of vinyl for waterproofing decks, roof decks, porches, balconies, walkways, hallways, and many other areas for waterproofing needs. Vinyl decking has been used for residential and commercial buildings in Canada for a very long time and even today vinyl decking is one of the best ways to waterproof decks and many other places.

Total Waterproofing Inc only works with well-known companies in Canada and the United States, and for all the vinyl companies we work with, the company has a manufacturing warranty starting from 10 years to 15 years. At Total Waterproofing, we are your professional vinyl deck installers and have been trained by the best in the Tufdeck Industry on how to install vinyl decking most effectively.

The team in the Tufdeck Industry stands for quality and high standards and we have been installing vinyl in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland for over 23 years. Vancouver area residents know that this province is very beautiful and stays green most of the time, but as it does rain a lot, therefore, vinyl seems to be a perfect fit for this rainy province. Total waterproofing works the whole year round, so even if you have problems with your vinyl decking any time of the year, you can reach out to us for service. Total waterproofing works with a few different companies such as Tuf Deck, Econo Deck, and Tuf Shield. All of these companies are proven to install over-living in the space area.

Below are images we worked on a job site for strata located on Fraser Highway & 166a St Surrey, BC. We have removed the old vinyl and installed new plywood and new vinyl decking. They required special detail around the pipes where the gutter water converts around the pores and corners which was challenging. After the vinyl was completed, we reinstalled the existing railing back on.

How do you wash vinyl decking?

Vinyl decking has very low maintenance and you can easily clean and maintain your deck. You can get a bucket with some dish soap and water to it and get a brush and brush for washing it off. Alternatively, a pressure washer can also be used to clean your vinyl decking only thing at a lower and steady pressure so you don’t damage the service.

Thank you for taking your time to learn about vinyl decking!