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Deck Waterproofing

Deck Waterproofing

Total Waterproofing uses only the finest quality products available in the industry right now. The brands we carry are all well known in Canada and the USA, as well as come with long-term warranties. Total Waterproofing employees receive full training so they are very knowledgeable on how to work with all our waterproofing products effectively. Here are some of the options we use for waterproofing your deck:

For vinyl decking options, we work with three different companies:





For vinyl decking, we have been trained by the Tufdek company on how to use their products effectively. Just to become a trusted Tufdek dealer, you must go through specific training and only after you become a recognized and certified dealer. We choose to work with Tufdek because we fully believe they are the best products available on the market right now.

When it comes to vinyl deck waterproofing, Tufdek stands out for being the strongest, sturdiest, and most attractive vinyl decking worldwide. Based on our professional experience, Tufdek has a very high standing for quality and  is highly regarded in the industry.

We have used and installed different kinds of vinyl from different companies in the past with most of them having good products for waterproofing solutions. But In 2009 we were introduced to Tufdek vinyl and trained on how to install their type of vinyl. We were fascinated and amazed at how it improved on all the weak points where vinyl usually fails, which are around the edge of the patio, seams on the vinyl, and around the post or corners. Tufdek was able to solve all these problem areas with their amazing product line.

We fully believe Tufdek has the best product for vinyl deck waterproofing for our Greater Vancouver area and has the best installation methods so it will look great for many years to come, even with the rainy weather in Vancouver. The quality and variety of the materials, grades, and colours make for happy customers. Tufdek also gives the customer peace of mind because Tufdek vinyl comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty.

Why did Total Waterproofing Choose to Use MasterSeal for Liquid Membrane?

We find MasterSeal to be the best liquid membrane or silicone product. We have been working with MasterSeal for more than 23 years and have seen great results with very happy customers. They offer amazing products that provide results.

MasterSeal has such a strong liquid membrane, you can walk on it, drive on it, play on it, or do pretty much anything to it and it will stand strong for many years, keep the water away and still look great. Our team at Total Waterproofing is trained and certified with MasterSeal to use and install it anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

The liquid membrane can be used almost everywhere like:

  • Decks
  • Walkways
  • Hallways
  • Staircases
  • Garages
  • Garage fronts
  • Sealing of any walls

When it comes to working with MasterSeal, the Total Waterproofing team knows what needs to be done and how to use their products effectively to make sure the water will never get anywhere you don’t want it to be.

These are some of the deck material manufacturers that we are confident working with and have a long-term manufacturer warranty.

For a one-stop shop for any outdoor living space, trust Total Waterproofing.