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Total Waterproofing only partners with companies that deliver the best waterproofing product for your deck, patio, and roof decking. Tuff-Shield vinyl decking is one of the best products that exist out there right now for vinyl deck waterproofing. Tuff-Shield has done something that not many companies out there can accomplish and that is getting top shield vinyl with a 10-year + warranty. To go beyond that we can install a double layer of vinyl and that will give you a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty on the product. It is great for people who want their finish to last for a long time and to be hassle free.

Tuff-Shield also comes with a lifetime warranty for around the edges flashing and will never have any leaking problem as long as the vinyl lasts. Tuff-Shield offers a range of colours to choose from and within those colours, there is also the option of Cool Step design! This amazing product comes from Tuff Industries so it is indeed very TUFF! It was made to last and keep your house dry.

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To learn more about Tuff-Shield vinyl decking you can visit https://tufdek.com/vinyl-decking/pvc-roofing-membrane-by-tufdek/ or you can head to our contact page and get in touch with us here at Total Waterproofing for any questions regarding decking, deck finishing, and ideas for outdoor living space design.

tuff shield vinyl decking

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