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Composite Decks

Composite Decks

Total Waterproofing specializes in outdoor living spaces – composite decks, patios, sundecks, balconies, and surrounding areas of water structures such as pools and hot tubs. We supply and install all types of different finishings for outdoor living spaces. One of the finishings we offer to our clients is composite decking from our trusted suppliers at Trex.com.

Total Waterproofing Inc stands for high-quality labour and the best finishing products for your outdoor living spaces. We only work with trusted and reliable North American suppliers that have been known to supply the best products and materials to ensure our clients receive only the best! Trex decking is one of them with great quality products, long-lasting use, and a fabulous look.

Have a question about composite decks?

Let us help you better understand composite decking so you can decide if it will be the best fit for your outdoor living space and property needs.

a) Where can I install composite Trex decking?

You can install composite decking pretty much anywhere like around the pool or any outdoor living space. BC is very beautiful and green, but with the amount of rainfall it receives, composite decking may be the best choice if you are looking to build a deck where you do not need to have waterproofing beneath it.

b) Is the material used for composite decking waterproof?

The material used for composite decking is water resistant and long-lasting, but not waterproof. Therefore, it will require waterproofing.

c) What kind of material do I need to use when I finish on top with composite decking?

The proper way to finish a composite deck job is by treating the wood and working with the application materials to make it 100% waterproofed.

d) What is the lifespan of a composite deck?

Composite Trex decking is one of the longest-lasting products that you can use on your outdoor living space today as its life expectancy can be well over 25 years.

e) Is composite Trex decking easy to maintain?

Absolutely! Composite decking is one of the easiest materials to maintain. You won’t have to paint it, it doesn’t stain, nor does it require replacing.

f) Is composite Trex decking environment-friendly?

Most definitely! It is environmentally friendly with 95% of the material used in it coming from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood

g) How do I wash my composite Trex decking?

Trex decking is so easy to wash and clean as it only requires dish soap and a rag or brush, or it can be washed with a pressure washer in minutes.

Total Waterproofing makes it easy and accessible for you to choose composite decking for your next outdoor project. We can supply and install all types of products with many different colours, sizes, and thickness options.