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Deck Design

Deck Design

When it comes to deck design for a home, Total Waterproofing works very closely with the homeowner or project manager to make sure we provide the outdoor living space of your dreams!

When customers contact Total Waterproofing, we gather all the information needed to make your experience easy and enjoyable. Once we receive this initial information from you, we will send an estimator to your location where the project is going to take place. The estimator will take pictures, determine the size of your deck, what kind of materials are going to be used for this project, and create a blueprint for your deck

3-D Deck Designing Services

If you’d like to see your future deck as a 3D design, Total Waterproofing offers 3D renderings as part of our deck design services so you can have a clear idea of what your outdoor space will look like when it’s complete. Using our  3D modeling capabilities, you can view basic models to photo-realistic models and videos.

Total Waterproofing will take care of all your outdoor living space from start to finish with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are excited to work with you and bring your ideas about your sundeck and outdoor living space into reality so you can enjoy the sunshine on your new or improved deck for many years to come.

In addition to our comprehensive deck design services, Total Waterproofing offers a wide range of customization options to ensure your outdoor living space perfectly reflects your vision. Our team of experienced professionals will collaborate closely with you throughout the entire design process, taking into account your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Deck Design Services

3D Deck Design Services Vancouver

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Total Waterproofing’s deck design options!